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    The tiny one - It dawns on him

    A chassis diagonal of exactly 110 mm, a weight of only 39 grams but a fully grown multicopter, that is the Graupner Quadcopter Alpha 110 RTF.MODE2. Make of your apartment or of your garden a race track and challenge your friends. The little one behaves, thank to the proven multicopter software from the RG-18 receiver, as a big multicopter and brings tons offun.

    The little one is extremely stable and robust built. The Alpha 110 forgives some flight mistakes and crashes. The chassis is made of flexible, shock-absorbing material and bestly protects the RC components through its cushioning action. The Alpha 110 is then perfectly suitable as training copter or specifically for beginners. Control mode and rate are already set up. Simply unbox and there it goes.
    The 110 includes some nice features. For example you can perform a flip just pushing one key. Experience spectacular maneuvers at your fingertips. Advanced pilots can switch to Acro mode (rate mode) so to get the most out of the little powerhouse. Use the little Alpha as training copter.


    The Alpha 110 RTF.Mode2 has the throttle stick on the transmitter left side. Alternatively you can purchase the mode 1 version. This one has the throttle stick on the right side.

    Included in the package

    In the Graupner Quadcopter Alpha 110 package everything is already included, to be able to start immediately: propellers, motors, receiver with flight control, a powerful 1S 350 mAh LiPo battery, USB battery charger so as the Graupner mz-8 transmitter.
    The Alpha 110 RTF.Mode2 has a big main LED so as LEDs on the back. In this way the position of your copter is always easily recognizable. The lights can be switched on and off through the transmitter.

    Other versions and accessories

    The Alpha 110 RTF.Mode2 comes as Ready to Fly version, including batteries, propellers and battery charger. In the package is included a Graupner mz-8 transmitter. If you prefer to have the throttle stick on the right side, then you can purchase the 110 also as RTF version in mode 1 (No. S 5012M1.RTF). You can purchase the little Alpha 110 in the Graupner Shop also as FPV version with built-in FPV camera (No. S5012.FPV). Experience exciting duels or jet it through the apartment, as if you were on board your copters. A Ready for HoTT version (RFH) is also available (No. S5012.RFH).

    All accessories and spare parts are available at any time in the Graupner Online shop. Discover all about RC model sport and RC models at granted convenient prices and immediately available.

    Included in the set

    39 g light quadcopter
    Built-in switchable LEDs for position recognition and model detection
    Auto-Flip function
    Robust chassis for optimum protection of the electronics
    Graupner HoTT mz-8 2,4 GHz transmitter
    Rechargeable and replaceable 350 mAh LiPo battery
    USB charge cable
    4 spare propellers included

    Caractéristiques techniques
    Hauteur env.: 35 mm
    Poids, env. : 39 g
    Poids à vide env.: 9 g
    Diamètre de rotor: 55 mm
    Longueur sans rotor : 70 mm
    Largeur du fuselage (sans rotor) : 30 mm
    Version: RTF
    Zusammenbau nötig?: nein
    Rahmendiagonale [mm]: 180 mm
    Anzahl Arme: 4
    Props inklusive: Ja
    Props - Blattanzahl: 2
    Achsdiagonale [mm]: 110 mm
    Rahmenhöhe [mm]: 40 mm
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