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    HS-65MG (1,8kg*cm)

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    SKU 112066
    Poids 11.90 g
    Lager/Bearing 1 Kugellager/Ball Bearing
    Geschwindigkeit/Speed 4,8/6V (sec/60°) 0.14/0.11
    Drehmoment/Torque 4,8/6V (Ncm) 18/22
    Standing Torque 4,8/6V (Ncm) 13/15
    Maß/Dimension (LxBxH) 23.6x11.6x24
    Gewicht/Weight (g) 11.9
    Motor Eisenanker/Standard
    Getriebe/Gear Metall/Metal
    Control System +PULSE WIDTH CONTROL 1500usec NEUTRAL
    Operating Voltage Range 4.8V TO 6.0V
    Idle Current mA 7.4/7.7 AT STOPPED
    Running Current 4,8/6V (mA/60°) 180/220
    Stall Current 4,8/6V (mA) 960/1200
    Dead Band Width 5usec
    Operating Travel 40°
    Direction CLOCK WISE/PULSE TRAVELING 1500 TO 1900usec
    Potentiometer Type 2 SLIDER/DIRECT DRIVE
    Amplifier Type Analog S.M.T.
    Horn Gear Spline 25 Segments / ? 5
    Splined Horns Micro23:M23-I,M23-X
    Connector Wire Legth 250mm
    Connector Wire Strand Counter 20EA
    Connector Wire Gauge 28AWG
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