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    16W Navigation & Strobe, 18mm Rouge / Blanc

    Prix:  38,00.- CHF


    Technical Data

    Electricity: 4W RED/GREEN und 12W WHITE reference power, 8(12)V
    Beam angle: >160°
    Light intensity: ~50 Lumen ROUGE, 0.35A
    Light intensity: ~70 Lumen VERT, 0.35A
    Light intensity: ~480 Lumen BLANC, 0.9A
    Dimension mounting: 3x36x15mm
    Dimension cap: 18x48x14mm
    Overall: 18x48x27mm
    Weight: 11g (without cable)
    Delivery: ready to use with 1m silicone wire for 2S/8V, resistor for 3S enclosed
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